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February 23, 2024

Friday Cooking

Yessal Gui The Renewal prepares and gives away free meals every Friday! Did you know that you could donate items to our Friday Cooking? This upcoming Friday the meals will be given away in Indianapolis, IN

APRIL 17, 2024

Yessal Gui The Renewal is welcoming everyone with no distinction to the Thiant(pronounced Chant) in Texas! The location and times will b announced soon!

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Fundraising Projects

We are pleased to announce YTR will have another fundraiser selling t-shirts/sweatshirts for our Thiant on April 17th! The Fundraiser will be in Texas. The time and location will be announced soon! You can start PARTICIPATING in our campaign now. Donations will go towards helping fund Friday cooking and special projects. Remember you can give materials as well! Stay tuned as well for one of our biggest fundraisers which will be the Auction Dinner. We will keep you updated with the dates and locations.

Packing Boxes
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